Real Estate Attorneys and Landlords

The landlords are definitely the most important members of the real estate team. However you cannot neglect the real estate attorneys as well. They too are definitely equally important just like real estate agents. Why are they so important? Well this question must be striking your mind. This article is about them only and you will come to know that why are they so important?

The landlords definitely prove to be the king in the field of the real estate and the attorney is the president. You can say that the real estate agents are the prime minister and the tenants are the citizens. Overall think that the real estate is a country.

Well, who helps in maintaining the law and order? He is nobody else but the attorneys. They are the one who helps in maintaining the law and order. They are the one who prepares all the papers. Either it is the lease agreement or the landlord form; all of them are being maintained by the real estate attorneys.

Each landlord hires an attorney and the attorney looks after the various deals being signed by the landlord. The attorneys represent the landlord in the court. If the tenant files a petition against the landlord then the tenant will get the answer from the attorney who looks after the cases of the landlord. The landlord pays a fixed amount to the attorneys regularly and sometimes the attorney even gets the commission from the landlord for making the landlord forms or preparing the lease agreements.

The attorneys are everywhere. Whether it is the court or the landlord house, in fact anything related to the law and order is being solved by the attorney. The attorney looks after the property and makes sure that nobody is able to take possession of the property.

Many times it does happen that the tenant as well as their agents tries to cheat the landlord. Do you know what the landlord do? Well the landlords just call the attorney. The lawyer gives him the clear idea that what can be done by the landlord in order to get out of the trouble. This is definitely not a small trouble. The tenant definitely has to be checked and this is being done by the lawyer. In fact if he will not be there then there will be no kind of law and order and the tenant will never behave properly.

Thus the landlords cannot do their business of tenancy without the attorneys who helps in maintaining the law and order.

A Real Estate Attorney Is Essential for Your Property Safety

A real estate attorney is a lawyer who deals with all kinds of problems that are associated with real estate. If these are left unresolved, they can become quite problematic, so it is therefore appropriate to hire an attorney who is capable of handling these issues. There are several types of attorneys who play distinct roles within real estate law.


A commercial real estate attorney will handle legal issues on commercial property and are specifically involved in protecting a property that may be either residential or business related. They also handle numerous issues including rent, eviction of tenants, employees, security and enforcement of leases. Other factors to be included could also involve items such as the agreement for the rent charges and drafting out the paperwork which could include making any changes and reassessing when required. If you also have cases that involve revocation of leases, sale of property or rent, these lawyers will handle it efficiently.

Property Tax:

Your legal issues concerning the payment of taxes will be handled by a property tax attorney. They will give you advice on how to fill tax forms and how to make payment. If by any chance you are accused of tax fraud or any other illegal accusation related to this subject, a property tax lawyer will be able to defend you in court. In addition, a property tax attorney will give you advice concerning bargaining and settlement of disputes.

Land Use or Zoning:

When it comes to the utilization of land, a real estate attorney for land use or zoning will give you plenty of advice. They will also take care of your permit and land use issues. Moreover, when it comes to application and renewal of permits and licenses, he/she would handle your case. These same lawyers will take charge of any legal conflicts with environmentalists and regulators that control the use and allocation of land in your local area.

Mortgage Fraud:

A mortgage fraud attorney will tackle issues that touch on state requirements and infringements of legal contracts. They will also defend you before the law if you are accused of any illegal act related to mortgages, whether it is connected with paying, issuing or collecting. Corruption issues are also handled under this category. As far as property buying and selling is concerned, real estate attorneys are on high demand. This is why they mostly deal with issues concerning land property. As you buy property, this is the main reason why you need a real estate attorney to assist you with the transactions.

Reviewing the contract before execution:

You should simply not sign a contract until your lawyer has had it reviewed. If the contractors are in a hurry you can simply write ‘contract subject to be reviewed by attorney’, which indicates that the contractors should give ample time for your lawyer to check the details.

Reviewing and clearing title:

Using an attorney when signing a deal will come in handy should any title issues arise later on. Your lawyer will be available to review all the information on the titles and plan ahead for any possible issues that could later be raised.

Monitoring contract dates and requirements:

Attorney will monitor the critical dates on a contract as missing a date can result in the loss of the whole transaction. For any meetings that are due on required days, they will ensure that all information is available and dealt with in order that the meeting goes ahead without too much problem. You should note that the cost of hiring a lawyer is somewhat expensive. Due to this, many people choose to handle their real estate transactions by themselves. However, you should know that a professional is essential because he/she will provide security and any information that is necessary when dealing with property will be handled professionally.

Importance of Hiring a Real Estate Attorney and Useful Tips When Hiring One

Foreclosure cases, real estate frauds and land disputes have reached new heights in the past few years and thus, to be on the safe side from the beginning and avoid situations which could lead to huge losses in the future, it is a wise decision to hire a real estate attorney so that when the problem arises, you have a lawyer who will handle your legal issues and you won’t have to run around looking for one, right after you got involved in the legal hassle. Even if you already are in a problem that involves your property, you need someone who can get you out of the problem and thus, finding the right real estate attorney isn’t an easy job.

Importance of a Real Estate Attorney

A good real estate lawyer can be a very useful tool in dealing with the case of property disputes and foreclosures. He can be of help in borrowing more time if the case involves time limits and deadlines and also, would facilitate better communication. Thus, professional expert advice will be of great importance when dealing with real estate cases and disputes. The attorney that you hire will also help you in doing risk assessment before-hand, so that such high risk and crisis situations do not arise and you are saved from future trouble.

Here are a few factors that you should keep in mind while hiring a commercial real estate attorney.

Field of Expertise

As mentioned above, the attorney you hire must understand the foreclosures, land and property laws, litigations and mortgages well so that he/she handles your case more efficiently and thus you need to look for someone who has experience in handling suits that have been similar to your case. Most people make the mistake of hiring a lawyer with a general knowledge and experience in commercial cases, which later backfires as you might just end up losing your home, office or other important property in the whole process.


Before you finally hire the attorney you have short-listed, it’s a wise decision to do your homework so that you are sure you are in for a good deal. You should never settle for the first attorney you find and should consult and consider a number of other options, before you shortlist one. Also, a lot of attorneys charge very high fee and do not deliver. To avoid this you should look at the experience of the lawyer, his / her previous cases, success rate etc. You should also compare the fee he or she charges for the services provided. You can even follow-up with the attorney’s previous clients as well as other investors to know what exactly the real picture is.

Time Commitment

When hiring an attorney, it is important to decide the time commitments as no matter how much you are paying the lawyer for the services, he / she needs to be available for discussing your real estate matters and problems that you are facing. It is a wise move to sign a legal document specifying the time commitments as legal matters cannot be delayed.

Now you know the importance of a real estate attorney in handling your property matters and how it can save you a lot of resources and time if you have the right lawyer with you. Thus, follow the above mentioned tips when you look for the lawyer and you will definitely end up with the right attorney, suitable for your real estate legal matters.